i HEART instagram

Not long ago, I mentioned that I entered the world of twitter. But to be honest, it hasn’t really clicked for me. While I do like the quick bits of info and will continue to poke around once in a while, I finally found my social medium of choice…Instagram. Friends have told me I’d love it, and it only took forever for me to check it out. I’m hooked.

It makes sense. I’m definitely a more of a visual being. I love connecting through pictures.  Now a dear friend insists that I get on pinterest already… Agh!! I can’t keep up. I did sign up-but have yet to explore it. For now, I’m very happy here …come visit me @sujeanpics !


xx, s



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hot press

I always paint on cold press paper watercolor paper. It has a dimply texture that I feel lets you brush around paint while absorbing some water, so your pigment doesn’t run too fast and far away from you. But as a recovering creature of habit, I thought I’d experiment and feel out Hot press paper. This watercolor paper is completely ironed smooth and bright, and felt oh-so-refreshing to paint on.sbotanicals

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Hairy Times



For me, lunch breaks usually include opening mail and digging into at least one of my  several magazine subscriptions. I LOVE getting a new magazine in the mail, and it’s my favorite September Issue season -woohoo! I hope my sweet mailman owns a weight lifting belt, these suckers are heavy. While Vogue, W, Bazaar are looking gorgeous and begging to be opened,  I’m most excited to see Oprah’s cover:
481109_10151800555352220_1324929720_nhmm…wonder why? :) rim_birdiesbiggirlhair_hc

i love lady O.


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Going places

This was a fun project for Juicy Couture. I always like being asked to paint something that is not usually expected from me…

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Stinking, less.

A dear friend recently pointed out how my blog stinks. I haven’t been great at posting and I don’t have a lot of visuals. He’s right. And I’m working on it… I’m working on a lot of things actually. I’ll start tweeting (@sujeanie) and will start instagram-ing. Basically, I’ll start to live in this decade. Sheesh, I’m starting to feel embarrassed.

Anyway, I thought in the meantime, I’d begin posting some random work I’ve done since starting this blog.

Please enjoy.

Working on a series of large scale portraits.

Working on a series of large scale portraits.These are about 24″x36″…I otherwise usually work on a much smaller canvas, like 9″x12″-ish.



Me. Just kidding. Someone else.

Me. Just kidding. Someone else.

More to come.


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Me? Tweet?!

I never thought I would. But I did. I’m on twitter… see? here’s my profile pic to prove it.tweetI’m just learning the ropes and have not yet chirped…but I’ll get there soon. But by all means , please feel free to send me a note to help me get started. My new book is coming out in about 7 months already and I am working on another right now and am waiting to hear about yet another…so eventually, I’d love if you felt like following me at @sujeanie.

Oh, and I’ll follow you too:) And in the meantime, new posts with lots of visuals coming up. xo

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I am finally with agent. Literary agent, that is. And I couldn’t be happier or more honored to be part of the Pippin Properties family. Holly, Elena & Ruby are just golden.

So part of the initiation process is for illustrators to illustrate their version of the Pippin logo/mascot…the pig. Here’s mine :PIP! PIP! Hooray!! xo,s



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rock on

You know when you don’t see something for a while …then when it pops up, you remember how freakin’ cool that thing was ? …and oh man, if it passes the test of time and keeps all its cool-it becomes AWESOME forever.

Thats how I feel about these t-shirts. Part Classic Rocker, part Iconic Film Buff -this collaboration between artist Bob Bianchini and Cinefile Video is something I freakin’ love.


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Upcoming book:)

I’m beyond thrilled to be included in …

Watercolor: Paintings of Contemporary Artists

a lovely book published by Chronicle coming out this April…stay tuned. pretty please.


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Things that move YOU!

For a long while now, I’ve been wanting to bring in some guests to this here blog. I thought it’d be fun to ask the same questions to different people. Whether an artist, a business person, a parent, a smarty pants or whatever we call ourselves-we all have something that moves us and makes us…well, us. 

My first guest is the absolutely lovely Mia Scofield. A wife, mother, grand-mother, former school counselor, now founder and designer of Mo. & Co - a cool and casual handbag company that is inspired by vintage and hand craftmanship.

What moves you to create?I guess it is kind of like…There is a saying about a tree, it is either growing or it is dying.  I think creativity is like that…you have to have a project.  You must be making something, or making something happen, or….   Kind of like create or die.  It is that strong a drive.  So, I create.

 What moves you to laughter?  I like to laugh.  I am not funny, but I appreciate funny.  The other day my husband and I were talking about how getting old snuck up on us…all of a sudden it just happened.  And, he said—“Yes, I got out of the shower the other day (there is a full length mirror next to our shower) and I thought it was a home invasion.”   I am still laughing at that.  So, he keeps me laughing. My daughters make me laugh and my granddaughters make me laugh.

I looked up from working on my computer the other day and my grand daughter had done this with stickies and she was just sitting there silent! What moves you to tears?Lots. I cry easily-books, movies and television. A bit over-sensitive.   Not crying much lately though…as I am happy.

I like happy tears the best; I get those sometimes too.

Then there is the just-because-you-are-old-your-eyes-are-watering.   I am horrified to say that I have actually had that as well, lately.  Ugh!

 How do you set up for work?I am all over the place.  Mostly though…where I am, my little Sony laptop computer is as well….and setting up is opening the computer.  Bed, couch, lawn chair, picnic table.  I can communicate with India, my office, my customers. That is for creating the business.  For, developing/design work—it is a team effort and I am working with our customers and/or designer in our office, or designers in the factory. We pour over fabrics and leathers and ideas until something comes up and our designers take it from there.  Then I go back over all the little details working with the factory.

Who do you listen to(music in the background) ? What do you do during breaks?I don’t listen to music when I am working on work.  I find R & B helps me get my housework done.  But, for real work….I prefer no distractions.

I like music (loud) when I am driving and my all-time favorite album is Jem, Finally Awoken. And, driving with my granddaughters we love Parachute Express.

But, I guess nothing is best when I am working for Mo & Co.

Unfortunately, breaks usually mean a bite to eat or grabbing a drink of some kind.  Should be carrots and water, but that is not always the way it goes.

 Last supper-with who, where would it be and what’s on the menu?

Oooooh.  Scary thought.  My beloved family and friends.  And, it wouldn’t matter what we ate or where we were…just that they were there.

But, if you were just talking about a good supper and a good place…..I would take hanging with my husband and eating purple sweet potatoes mashed with coconut milk and watching the sunset in Maui, like I did last night.

Close second would be family and friends on the beach in Oregon (my home state) and eating fish soup.

THANKS MIA! On a personal note,  Mia is also a dear friend whose spirit has truly inspired me. Her heart and soul is complete gold.  Mo&Co can be found in specialty stores, Athleta.com (and catalogue) and moandcobags.com.


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